About Broadband Today Alliance



The Broadband Today Alliance (BTA) is a collaborative alliance of local government, RDA and Regional Organisations of Councils’ (ROCs) built on the premise of sharing information and advocating for the resources to assist the localised transition to a digital economy. Over 135 local governments are members with over 8 million Australians represented across all states and Territories. For a full list of Members and Affiliates click here...
The BTA is an officer level organisation and, in its current form, has been in existence for over two years and prior to that for a further 2 years as the South East Queensland Broadband and Digital Economy Working Group aligned under the Council of Mayors SEQ. In response to interest from other local governments and regional organisations such as RDA’s, the group has grown to become a national organisation with members from all states and territories.

The current BTA Executive Officers and Committee Members are:
-  President - Michael Whereat  (Sunshine Coast Council)
-  Vice President & Secretary - Matthew Schultz  (Ipswich City Council) 
-  Treasurer - Russell Mason (CEO, RDA Sunshine Coast)
-  Committee Member - Tony Chadwick (Rype)
-  Committee Member - Ray Heffernan (Tweed City Council)
-  Committee Member - Rod MacDonald (City of Greater Geelong) 
-  Committee Member - Peter Francis (Bass Coast Council) 
Committee Member - Alanna McHugh (Balonne Shire Council)
-  Committee Member - Mark Tickle (Tweed City Council)
-  Committee Member - Robert Smallwood (City of Greater Geraldton)
Our membership and affiliate base is growing and with it we are expanding the range of ways we are able to support you.

In return for your membership we are now delivering:
We can announce now:
   • The following submissions have been prepared and delivered by the BTA on behalf of our members:
- Click here to view the ACCC review of the declaration for the Domestic Transmission Capacity Service: Domestic Transmission Capacity Service Submission
- Click here to view the Department of Communications Mobile Coverage Programme: Mobile Coverage Programme Submission
- Click here to view the BTA Paper NBN Regulatory Review Submission: NBN Regulatory Review Submission
- Click here to view the NBN Telecommunications Regulatory Arrangements: NBN Telecommunications Regulatory Arrangements Submission
   • GUTS has grown to include the youth oriented “Get on Track” and more experienced “Accelerate” programs.
  We are:
  •    • recruiting part time volunteers to help with the guidance and administration of the BTA in 2014.
  •    • actively seeking sponsor partners to deliver existing and expanded services.

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