Cool new video on How to get the most out of your BTA membership

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Cool new video on How to get the most out of your BTA membership

What is the Broadband Today Alliance?

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What is the Broadband Today Alliance?

Get Up To Speed Intake 4

Registrations are now being accepted for Get Up To Speed Program Intake 4 which will commence in July/August 2013. We are accepting registrations from throughout Australia and even New Zealand this intake. Hook into it now!
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Get Up To Speed Intake 4


A new report, conducted jointly by Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC), Arthur D. Little and Chalmers University of Technology in 33 OECD countries, quantifies the isolated impact of broadband speed, showing that doubling the broadband speed for an economy increases GDP by 0.3%. read more..


Join Broadband Today! Memberships being offered for 2014-2015

Come and join our growing community. We are currently offering organisational, affiliate and individual memberships with Broadband Today for the 2014-15 financial year. Thanks to the help and expertise of our members, we have significantly reduced our membership fees to ensure ALL Local Governments, RDA/ROC’s, Affiliates and Individuals, benefit from Broadband Today Affiliation. Join now!

Join Broadband Today! Memberships being offered for 2014-2015

Report - Smartphones & Tablet uptake in Aust.

The growth in smartphone usage has given rise to significant growth in mobile phone internet access and data usage. In comparison to other mobile phone users, smartphone users are:
* nine times more likely to go on-line via their handsets * four times more likely to purchase goods on-line * three times more likely to stream or download audio or video content * three times more likely to .... more...

Report - Smartphones & Tablet uptake in Aust.

A Day Made of Glass

Watch "A Day Made of Glass" and take a look at Corning's vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it. 
A Day Made of Glass

National Smart Communities Conference 2014

The BTA National Seminar was held as part of the National Smart Communities Conference in Melbourne on June 4 & 5 2014. Presentations are available for viewing by our members in the Members Area, including Masterclass - Creating a Smart Community and Broadband State of Play presentation facilitated by Broadband Today Alliance. Click here more information

National Smart Communities Conference 2014

Welcome to Broadband Today

Welcome to Broadband Today. Here you can find how to access and use Broadband in your business, community or residence…today. This site includes material on the National Broadband Network (NBN) the Digital (broadband) economy in a format that suits you and your business or your community. ...Read More

What Makes a Smart Community?
The Broadband Today Alliance has released a White Paper - What Makes a Smart Community to emphasize how Smart Communities are cities and regions that use information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance and diversify, solve social and infrastructure problems, support growth and enrich lives in the 21st Century.   
BTA Whitepaper: What makes a Smart Community?
BTA Whitepaper Media Release : Media Release - What is a Smart Community?

Another example of leadership from the BTA - The NBN Telecommunications Regulatory Arrangements Submission prepared on behalf of our members. Click here to view:  BTA Paper NBN Telecommunications Regulatory Arrangements

Welcome to recent new members of the Broadband Today Alliance 2014-15:
• Townsville City Council (Warren Cheetham)
• Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation (Joseph Cullen)
• Moreton Bay Regional Council (Mark Forbes)
• RDA Murraylands & Riverland (Nicolle Jachmann)
• LGAQ (Tracy Haynes)
• RDA Moreton Bay (Andrew Quain)
• Coffs Harbour City Council (Barry Davis)
• South Burnett Regional Council (Lynelle Paterson)
• BigAir Group Limited (Jean Morel)
• Wanganui District Council (Marianne Archibald),
• Southern Grampians Shire Council (Hugh Koch)
• Bundaberg Regional Council (Cameron Bisley)
• RDA Peel (John Lambrecht)
• Horsham Rural City Council (Peter Brown)
• Bass Coast Shire Council (Peter Francis)
• City of Greater Geraldton (Dennis Duff)
• Lismore City Council (Mark Batton)
• Sunshine Coast Council (Jenny Chua)
• RDA Loddon Mallee (Margaret O'Rourke)
• City of Whittlesea (Brad Wynter)
• RDA Logan and Redlands (Mariae Leckie)
• RDA Northern Rivers (Kimmaree Thompson)
• East Gippsland Shire Council (Stephen Klienitz)
• Australian Information Industry Association (Suzanne Campbell)
• Queensland University of Technology (Lucy Cradduck)

Recent Events:
June 4th-5th BTA National Seminar as part of the National Smart Communities Conference.
Melbourne, Australia and Online.

Included the following presentations:
* Masterclass: Creating a Smart Community. Masterclass Facilitator: Broadband Today Alliance. This four hour Master Class explored in detail the key technology enablers in which Smart Communities are working to transform and diversify their local economies.
* Broadband State of Play - Co-presenters: Michael Whereat & Matthew Schultz, Broadband Today Alliance (BTA). This presentation examined the NBN roll-out current state of play (post Strategic Review) as well as alternatives to the NBN including 4G and WiFi.

April 9th 2014, 12pm – BTA National Seminar - Mobile Coverage. Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia and Online.
Included the following presentations:
* Mobile Coverage Programme - Phil Smurthwaite - Department of Communities
* Independent Broadband Testing Project -Cameron Bisley, Peta Jamieson - WBB ROC
* NBN Co-Development Program - Ben McCarthy & Serkan Aktas - NBN Co
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The iAwards is the annual national awards program for the ICT industry. The iAwards honours both companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation as well as leading professionals across the ICT industry. Most importantly, the iAwards recognises the achievements of home-grown Australian innovators. This year the national iAwards national events will be held on 29 August in Melbourne 2014 and we would be delighted if members of the Broadband Today Alliance community were to nominate for these awards.

The Sunshine Coast Council have developed a sub site designed for business and community members to access detailed broadband and digital economy information. With over 1500 unique visitors per month the competitive collaboration project is achieving strong recognition locally and helping their investment attraction program. See for yourself -

What cloud services do we use? Google Apps for Business - for our email, documents and secure pages, Google Drive - for our cloud storage and local sync Business Catalyst - Web CMS, GotoMeeting & GotoWebinar - on-line conferencing from 2 to 200 and more, Nimble - Customer Relationship Manager. What are you using?   

News Flash

Get Up To Speed Program A Finalist in Internet Awards


Australia and New Zealand’s leading contributors to the use and development of the Internet have been recognised, with 29 finalists announced for the 2014 ANZIAs (Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards). The ANZIAs recognise organisations, businesses and individuals who excel in delivering accessible, innovative, informative and secure resources to a diverse and wide community, on the Int..

Smart Street Lighting for Smart Cities


Rapidly increasing opportunities amidst an industry transformation Many cities have begun replacing their high-pressure sodium street lights with LEDs. While the motivation for these replacements typically focuses on cost and energy savings from improved efficiency and longer lamp lifetimes, a growing number of cities are discovering the benefits of incorporating new sensors and networked contro..

Real Urgency for Smart Communities


In the last few years I've attended a number of events on the 'Smart City', or some variation of that theme. Discussions at these events have typically focused on technologies, systems or public policy frameworks to make things 'Smarter'. Unfortunately 'Smart Cities' has quickly become one of those ambiguous terms where it can mean everything but also nothing. Recently I attended a differen..

Market Clarity- Future Tech Interview


Future Tech research is based on interviews with luminaries in research labs, vendor labs, telcos, futurists and others, and is designed to feature cutting edge research insights into the wide range of gadgets, technologies, and trends that will impact telecom services (and everyone that uses these services), including: wearable devices, sensors, new form factors for phones + tablets, drones, the ..

Planning Implications of Telecommunication


Special Issue of Australian Planner, 2015 We invite planning scholars and practitioners to contribute to a special edition of Australian Planner co-edited by Dr. Tooran Alizadeh, Dr. Heather Shearer, and Assoc. Prof. Neil Sipe. The theme is Planning Implications of Telecommunication. The intention is to highlight the contemporary significance, challenges and opportunities that telecommunication ..